HOURS: Self-Service 100LL Fueling Station Open 24/7 via Credit Card


Why should you choose Sky Acres Airport as your “go-to” airport outside NYC? There are many reasons! For example, this relaxing, low-key Dutchess county airport provides everything you need without the stress of a large, impersonal facility.


Sky Acres Airport Offerings:
  • A main lighted runway.
  • Unlit parallel taxiway and 3 secondary parking ramps that can accommodate turbine and jet aircraft.
  • 24/7 self-serve fueling station.
  • On-site aircraft maintenance and repairs.
  • Tie-downs and transient parking.
  • Hangar spaces available for rental.
  • Pilot’s lounge.
  • Hangars Cafe.


Equally important, all of this is nestled in the picturesque scenery of Hudson Valley, New York. Whether you’re visiting or just passing through, Sky Acres is a great choice for all pilots!

But why take our word for it? Read the enthusiastic praise in the testimonials from our wonderful customers!

Located between the Hudson River on its west and the New York-Connecticut border on its east, Dutchess County is home to Sky Acres Airport (44N). Sky Acres, 10 miles east of Poughkeepsie, New York, is a non-towered airstrip nestled on a 145- acre hilltop in one of the most beautiful valleys in the United States. 44N is easy flight from more than 60 airports in the northeast and is the perfect gateway to the rest of the Hudson Valley.

- FlyingMag

what a fabulous hidden gem. Most people never experience small / non-commercial airports, so knowing a pilot is a very good thing. This little airport it tucked away in the countryside north-east of Poughkeepsie and apparently is a gathering place for pilots. There is a great breakfast restaurant on the field (a big red barn that was converted from dairy production), where pilots fly into and each delicious pancakes while watching airplanes buzz in and out. A few picnic tables outside to sit in the nice weather, and watch the clouds drift by. Very scenic, cool experience.

As we got close to Sky Acres, we tuned to their Unicom frequency, and it was bustling with traffic in and out of the airport! It is always a lot of fun to go somewhere and be accompanied by other pilots and their aircraft. Just shows that there are still people out there who go and fly for fun, no matter how expensive it has become. As we approached the area, Tom and I both had our eyes outside the cockpit and searching for the airport that is nestled in between the many hills. What an incredible sight on a fall like morning to fly above the acres of farm, trees and mountainous terrain. I’d call this flight one of the more scenic flights I have been on.

Sky Acres/Tailwinds is a place I would recommend to anyone this fall who wants a beautiful flight on a brisk morning for a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and a great meal to go along with it. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to go flying!

Sky Acres Airport is situated on 150 acres in Dutchess County, town of Union Vale, New York. It is a reliever airport for Westchester County Airport. The primary building, a converted dairy barn, houses the airport operations office HerGin Aviation, Inc., the pilot shop, and the The Tail Winds Cafe. Stop in for breakfast or lunch! Hours are Thursday-Friday 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM Telephone: 845-663-3190

If you love seeing vintage aircraft then this is the place to land for a good meal while watching the various aircraft come and go

Before or after eating you should check out the things you need in Her-Gin Aviation’s pilot shop, which you will enter on your way to the Café. Self-service 100LL is also available. Sky Acres is located near Poughkeepsie about midway between Albany and New York City and 10 miles east of the Hudson River. A 100-mile radius on the New York Sectional encompasses seven states, so it’s an easy flight from more than 50 public-use airports in the northeast.

- Aflyer

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