HOURS: Self-Service 100LL Fueling Station Open 24/7 via Credit Card

Sky Acres Airport Map

One look at our Sky Acres airport map will show you why we’re a popular landing location for aviators who are visiting or traveling through upstate New York. If you’re looking for a relaxed airport outside NYC with all the modern conveniences but none of the stress, Sky Acres is the place! This Hudson Valley airport, located in beautiful LaGrangeville, New York, offers such amenities as a 24/7 fueling station, on-site aircraft repair and maintenance, an FBO pilot’s shop, lounge and café. There are also several parking and storage options available, as you’ll see on our map, all located around our centrally located terminal.


Heated Community Hangar

This community hangar is heated and it securely stores numerous aircraft. It has a 65-foot by 18-foot bi-fold door, and space can be rented by the day or month.


West T-Hangars and East T-Hangars

These are unheated hangars, and we offer monthly rentals. Call 845-677-5010 for more information and to ask about availability.


Hangar Plots

These unique spaces are for pilots who would like to build custom storage facilities for their aircraft. We have 7 different approved lots sized 50 feet by 50 feet that are available as monthly rentals.


Sky Acres Terminal

Our Sky Acres terminal, originally a dairy barn, now houses HerGin Aviation, Inc., Hangar Cafe, and SkyGeek headquarters, the world’s largest online aviation superstore. There is also an FBO pilot’s shop and pilot’s lounge.


Sky Acres Runway

The main lighted runway is 60 feet by 3,828 feet, with a parallel unlit taxiway. There are also 3 secondary parking ramps that accommodate turbine and jet aircraft.


Transient Parking

Transient parking is available on a nightly basis for single engine and twin engine planes. If 100LL AVGas is purchased, we will waive the overnight fee.


Helicopter Parking

This special parking area, designated for helicopters, is located on the off-center taxiway.


Grass Tie-Downs and Paved Tie-Downs

You can choose from a paved tie-down or grass tie-down space for your aircraft, available as a monthly rental.