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Aircraft Hangars

Are you looking for high-quality aircraft storage in the Hudson Valley area? Sky Acres Airport offers various kinds of hangar space that can be rented by the month. Plane storage is extremely important. Properly storing your aircraft can extend its life and reduce the amount of time and money spent on maintenance. Storing aircraft indoors blocks out the harmful rays of the sun and prevents the harsh New England weather from damaging your plane. Protect your investment and keep your aircraft in top condition with one of our economically-priced hangars. We offer monthly hangar rentals for heated and non-heated hangars, community hangars and hangar plots. We also occasionally have house lots for sale.

Non-Heated T-Hangars

Our non-heated T-hangars feature steel construction and sliding doors. They can accommodate up to a light twin aircraft.


East and West T-Hangars

Call us at 845-677-5010 to inquire about availability.


Heated Community Hangar

Numerous aircraft can be safely and securely stored in this heated hangar that has a 65-foot by 18-foot bi-fold door. We offer space in the community hangar on a daily or monthly basis.


Hangar Plots

For aviators who wish to build custom living quarters for their plane (known as a “Cockpit Cave”), we offer them a choice of 7 approved 50-foot by 50-foot lots that can be leased by the month.


House Lots

Currently, we have 1 house lot for sale. The lot is adjacent to the departure end of Runway 35. If you’re interested in learning more, please inquire for specifics.

For more information about our airplane hangars and availability, contact HerGin Aviation, Inc. by calling 845-677-5010 or by filling out our contact form. Sky Acres Airport offers a full range of essential services for aviation enthusiasts and their aircraft.