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Available Hangar Spaces

Are you a pilot based in the Hudson Valley area or are you here for a little while and looking for local aircraft storage? Sky Acres Airport (44N) has available hangar spaces, tie-downs and transient parking for single and twin engines. We’re conveniently located in Lagrangeville New York, which is a great alternative to higher priced accommodations, if you’re looking at storage facilities and airports near Poughkeepsie, NY.

Available Hangar Spaces at Sky Acres Airport.

We have safe, secure hangars for your plane that are rented out on a monthly basis. See the photos and diagrams of our East and West T-Hangars. Detailed dimensions are indicated (overall width and depth, tail width and length, etc.). If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for an available hangar, please contact us for more information.

Landing and Parking Fees

Once you’ve safety landed, it’s time for a secure place to hunker down for the evening. We offer 3 transient parking ramps for your weary winged companion to rest for a while. For tie-down rates, monthly rental prices of our T-hangars, parking fees and charter/commercial services landing fees, view our Sky Acres Airport fee schedule.

Sky Acres Airport Fee Schedule
Monthly Rentals
Type Time Period Monthly Rate
Paved Tie-Down Dec 1, 2022 – Jan 1, 2023 $95.00
Grass Tie-Down Dec 1, 2022 – Jan 1, 2023 $55.00
East & West T-Hangars
West T-Hangars Dec 1, 2022 – Jan 1, 2023 $400.00
East T-Hangars Dec 1, 2022 – Jan 1, 2023 $400.00
East & West Oversize End T-Hangars Dec 1, 2022 – Jan 1, 2023 $445.00
Winter Electric Surcharge
(for hangar tenants wishing to use an
electrical tanis or engine heater)
Winter Season $240.00 per year
Transient Parking Fees
Type Time Period Rate
Single Engines Per Night $9.00
Twin Engines Per Night $14.00

*If 100LL AvGas is purchased, the overnight fee will be waived.

A special parking area is available for helicopters on our off-center taxiway.

Charter/Commercial Services Landing Fees

Single Engine*

Per Occurrence



Per Occurrence


Helicopter (under 12,500 lbs.)

Per Occurrence


Helicopter (over 12,500 lbs.)

Per Occurrence


Heavy (12,500 lbs.)

Per Occurrence


*If 100LL AvGas is purchased, the landing fee will be waived.

Hangar Space

You can extend the life of your aircraft and reduce maintenance time (and costs) by properly storing your plane. Indoor storage blocks out the sun’s harmful rays and prevents the inclement weather of New England from damaging your plane. We have hangar space available that can protect your investment and keep your aircraft in top condition.

Non-Heated T-Hangars

These hangars have a steel construction with sliding doors, and can accommodate up to a light twin aircraft.


East and West T-Hangars

Call us at 845-677-5010 and ask about availability.


Heated Community Hangar

Numerous aircraft can be safely and securely stored in this heated hangar with a 65-foot by 18-foot bi-fold door. Space in the community hangar is available on either a daily or monthly basis.


Hangar Plots

If you want to build custom living quarters (otherwise known as a “Cockpit Cave”) to house your plane, we offer our handy aviators their choice of 7 approved 50-foot by 50-foot lots. They can be leased by the month.

Please inquire if you are interested, and we will provide specifics.


* For more information about our airplane hangars, contact HerGin Aviation, Inc. Their phone number is 845-677-5010. You can also reach us directly by filling out our contact form.