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Welcome to Sky Acres Airport

Sky Acres Airport is a public access airport located in Lagrangeville, New York, on a 145-acre hilltop in southeastern New York’s picturesque Dutchess County. This privately-owned airport services the nearby towns of Union Vale and Poughkeepsie, New York. Its prime location, between the Hudson River and the New York/Connecticut border, also makes it an ideal landing site and stopover for travelers visiting the Hudson Valley and New England areas. Sky Acres also operates as a reliever airport for Westchester County Airport. If you’re looking for airports near Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Sky Acres is an excellent choice. All aviators are welcome!

On-site services include a 24/7 self-service fueling station, aircraft maintenance and repairs, hangar leasing and sales and a cafe that serves breakfast and lunch. Sky Acres is also the home of SkyGeek, the world’s leading online aviation superstore!


The History of Sky Acres Airport

Sky Acres Airport’s (Lagrangeville, NY) beginnings can be traced back to 1956, when Doug Cochran bought his first plane, a Cessna 172, and needed a place to land it. For the next 8 years, much hard work ensued, with countless sacrifices from his wife and 6 children. He converted his farm and barn into a runway and facilities, with the vision of aviation enthusiasts one day coming together to share his love of flight. In 1964, the initial seed that was sown and diligently cultivated finally bore fruit, and Doug’s dream was realized: Sky Acres Airport.

As legend has it, Herb Styles was the first aviator to land a plane at the airport. He christened Runway 35 with his single-engine Piper Comanche. He and his family purchased Sky Acres Airport in 1976, and they’ve owned it ever since.

In 1995, the runway underwent an overhaul and was improved to FAA standards under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). The runway was enlarged and resurfaced to its current 60 foot by 3,828 foot dimensions. The parallel taxiway, Runway 17, was also extended. There are now 3 secondary parking ramps that can accommodate turbine and jet aircraft.


Your Gateway to the Hudson River Valley

If you’re looking for comfortable, convenient and affordable airports near Hyde Park, NY or airports close to Poughkeepsie, NY, as an alternative to a regional Poughkeepsie airport, consider Sky Acres Airport as your home away from home.